The 2010 Freedom Cruise

Bill Peckham, along with a few others is organizing a cruise which will have dialyzors together with their dialysis machines! More details here.

The cruise starts from Miami on Jan 3rd, 2010 and returns on the 10th. The best part is people take their NxStage System Ones with them. So, they get excellent dialysis on the cruise. Which is really cool. You don't want to fret about fluids while on a holiday!

I have to absolutely go for this. Ideas, ideas, ideas? I need ideas. I need solutions to the problems in going for this. To start with, I have a valid US visa which is one major headache taken care of. The next step is to actually get to the US in time and get a NxStage machine.

I don't know how difficult this is going to be. I wonder if they give the NxStage machine on hire for a few months.

The best part about this is that I have time to plan for this. January 2010 is a long way off. That gives me enough time to think through this and make it happen.

Let's see how it goes!


Kartik said…
That's superb Kamal! All the best! There is enough time to plan it out.
Anonymous said…
I'm just thinking out loud but what if you arranged to visit for instance the Northwest Kidney Centers in Seattle for some period of time before the cruise and trained and then as with any NxStage dialyzor you could travel while still being on "the books" as a visitor to NKC.

I think you could train in two weeks or less. I trained in one. Then you could travel the US for a bit before or after the cruise.

It could work. I've long thought that NKC should have an international rate, they should offer international travelers the option of the NxStage if the traveler would agree to some minimum length of the visit.

Something to consider. It might be $900 to $1,100 a week for the rental and training as it were.

It would be great if you could attend. Fantastic.
Anonymous said…
I should say too that to do it without a special program, designed for self payers, it would cost about twice that or about $2,100 a week.
Rich Berkowitz said…
That would be great, Kamal. I don't Bill maybe we could just sneak an extra NxStage cycler on board. We could give you a quick one hour training session. He did bring up the point you'd probably need a heparin pump, but I figure you could give yourself a manual bolus every hour. But then if you were up all night, you might just drink the entire time.