Let us all sell our Ferraris!

I recently read the book "The monk who sold his Ferrari" by Robin Sharma. It was an eye opener. I have never read books on self -improvement. In fact I have never been a book reader. The only time I remember reading books was during my extended stay at the hospital after my transplant. I had become quite a voracious reader at that time, devouring complete books in a couple of days. But it was only fiction.

My reading was revived recently when Chetan Bhagat decided to write about IITians, call center employees and the mistakes in a particular person's life.

I kept hearing about this monk book so often that I always thought I must read it. Akbar mentioned it during a conversation with a few friends over dinner and advised all of us to read the book and follow it. I have always admired Akbar and his attempts at leading a conscious life. What did the trick for me however was when "Ben maharaj", a Jain sadhvi mentioned that she read a Hindi translation of the book and found it amazing! That did it. I had to read the book!

The book came with an audio CD that had the author read it out. I listened to it while going to office and coming back much to the consternation of my chauffeur who would have preferred the latest chartbuster instead! I found the CD amazing. What was being said was so true.

My life had become a mad rush. Doing one thing after another. Without stopping to even think about what I was doing. Mainly reacting to situations. Not doing what I really want to do. Doing things that I have to do. I felt like Robin Sharma had actually written the book for me after seeing what I was doing with my life!

I was shocked to realize that most of us live our lives that way.

I loved the audio book so much that I read the hard copy of the book again after listening to it. I made notes of what I considered important. The next step is implementing what I have learnt. This is difficult. But it is necessary. To make my life more sane, more meaningful.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Even those who do not read regularly. You will not regret it.


Anonymous said…
Kamal, any chance you could either post the notes you made from the book to the blog or send them to me. Just being a little lazee here.

s said…
Theres a new book on the stands.
The Guy who bought the Ferrari

love this :D
can I get the audio CD or copied to iPod?