The lowly Banana Delight

Bananas have always been second class citizens in my circle, probably atleast the whole of Hyderabad too. They are available round the year. Round the year? Yeah, round the year! Who craved a fruit that was available round the year?

Mangoes are available only during the summer months. You waited for months to feast on mangoes. They are something else. Custard apples are available only in winter. Water melons again, only in summer. So, there is this 'special status' for these fruits. But bananas? Naah! You could have them at any time.

I remember this funny incident a few years back. There were a bunch of friends from school. I remember Kiran Choudhary and Ramesh Karra were among them for sure. I don't quite recollect who else was there with us that day. During some outing, we stopped by at Softy Den at M. G. Road in Secunderabad. That place was quite a rage in those days. It was the most 'hep' ice cream parlour in that part of town.

We looked through the menu. I ordered a Lychee Delight, Kiran ordered something. Ramesh looked through the menu. He zeroed in on the Banana Delight. We were quite shocked! Banana Delight? Who had a Banana Delight? That was probably thrown into the menu to make sure there were atleast 15 items in that section. They had only 14 genuine items. 14 wasn't a nice enough number. "Throw in a Banana Delight. That'll make it 15. No one will order it anyway!"

But here was Ramesh Karra clamouring for a Banana Delight! Bananas cost only 3 bucks for a dozen! Why do you want to waste money? No amount of convincing could change his mind. So, there we were. We placed the order.

Immediately there must've been panic in the kitchen! I started imagining the commotion that the 'strange' order had caused.

"Someone's ordered a Banana delight!"

"What? A Banana Delight?"

"Are you sure you heard him correctly?"


"What do we do? We don't even know what to make! No one's ever ordered it before!"

"First, send someone to get some bananas!"

After a few minutes, the three deserts were brought out. My Lychee Delight tasted quite good. Kiran's was good too. It turned out that the Banana Delight was good too!

Well, its difficult to go wrong with ice cream based deserts. Put in a scoop of ice cream. Top it with sauces, fruits and nuts and it should always be palatable at the very least!


PDS said…
This is Kamal going BANANAS ! Good one Kamal. Hope to read more in this genre.
Anonymous said…
Hilarious one.

Wish ud post more on the same lines.