The amount of fluid consumed depends on the type

I have realized over the years that the amount of fluid depends largely on the type of fluid. For example, it is much easier to drink more water than other liquids. When I drink water, it is very easy for me to quickly gulp down a glass of water without feeling satiated.

On the other hand, it is more difficult to drink a glass of cola, for example. Well, I don't really mean difficult. But I feel like I've consumed a whole lot more when I drink a glass of cola than when I drink a glass of water.

Granted that water is good and at times, you really need water and no other liquid will do. Jeet (Kareena Kappor) summarized it well in the film Jab we met: "Paani ka kaam to paani hi karta hain". But for the most part, I feel drinking liquids other than water will cause a net fluid weight gain less than that when you drink only water.

Now, now I can hear Rich Berkowitz wonder aloud about why the #$%& does someone on nocturnal need to worry and analyze fluid restrictions so much. Drink whenever you are thirsty!

Who needs thirst to drink? I, for one, don't! To rephrase a classic Amitabh dialogue, "Kaun kambakht pyaas bujhaane ke liye peeta hai?"As someone put it so eloquently, "Give someone on dialysis the water in all the rivers of the world to drink; at the end of it, he will still want more!"

The whole thing is mental. Psychological, not physiological. Dialyzors don't drink because they're thirsty. They drink because they've been asked not to. I am made that way. I don't know about others. Lift the restriction on fluid intake for me. Within a few days, I will end up consuming less fluid per day than I am doing now!

Coming back to the type of fluid, I find if I drink fluids other than water, even if the amount is the same, I feel like I've had more and feel more satiated when I have had something other than water.