Disruption in normal life

No, not because of Chiranjeevi's rally. But my health. I've had a pretty bad last few weeks. First it was a tooth in my upper right jaw. An X ray revealed a little bone loss which is probably a long term side effect of kidney disease. This had got a little infected. The dentist said he must clean it up and hoped that would sort it out. He asked me to take some antibiotics before I came to him.

I did not get a chance to do this. I had a bout of diarrhea followed by a bad case of hemorrhoids and a fissure. The pain is quite unbearable. I have tried different doctors and their suggested antibiotics/analgesics/ointments. To no avail.

All this has disrupted my regular routine entirely. I haven't gone swimming for two weeks now. Not been to the temple either. And worst of all - I haven't been able to go to Poorna Tiffins for my Sunday morning rendezvous with Idlis for three weeks now!

I am visiting a surgeon tomorrow to see what needs to be done. Let's hope the surgeon is able to give me a solution. At this stage I don't even mind surgery if it can relieve the pain. Its that bad.

In the meantime, blogging is probably not going to be regular. Bear with me!


B said…
Praying that you will soon be relieved of some of these extra issues that you are facing.
Unknown said…
My father suffered from piles for 30 years. One surgery during the 60's and then it seemed like he needed another in the 1990's. Then a friend said that he had suffered too, but the Unani doc that he went to worked magic on him. I took my father there for about 3 days, for the doc to apply some ointment. As my friend predicted the whole thing disappeared never to recur.

The Doc is still around. I can dig around and send you a telephone number. But you could perhaps find one in Hyderbad. It seems as if Unani medicine has a guaranteed cure for piles. Works fast and costs as much as a good meal.