The Every Other Day Dialysis Petition

In many countries including the US, most people dialyze on Monday-Wednesday-Fridays or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturdays. This leads to a two day gap on the weekends. The first group gets no dialysis on Saturday and Sunday while the second gets no dialysis on Sunday and Monday.

Studies have shown that dialysis patients have a much higher risk of death during this two day gap. This is because the toxins and fluid in the body build up to unsafe levels.

In India, the situation is much worse. Many people dialyse similar to the schedule I described but there are tons of people who dialyse only twice a week. So, they typically get two and three days off between sessions. In India, as I keep emphasizing the situation is bad because most people pay for their own dialysis and as dialysis being expensive, they try to make do with less dialysis.

However, in the US, most people are covered atleast to some extent. So, they have to bear only a part of the cost of dialysis or usually none. This coverage is only for the thrice a week regimen.

There is a petition being signed by many people to change coverage in the US to every other day dialysis. So, what they're rooting for is coverage for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule. This will eliminate the 'killer weekend'. This petition must be supported by all - whether or not they are on dialysis. This will save many lives.

Every signature counts. Please sign the petition here. Even if you are in no way connected to kidney disease, please do it. You are my friend if you are reading this blog. I have CKD. So, do it for me!


Rich Berkowitz said…
Kamal, thank you for your support of the Every Other Day Dialysis Petition for U.S. dialyzors. But the situation in India is much worse. CKD must be looked at as a global issue. Compared to emerging third world countries, Americans have it better than many, but worse off than other industrialized democracies. However, we need to remember that as we fight for better coverage, let's not forget others worse off and be ready to help.
Angie said…
I signed! I didn't know you had a blog but I have been seeing you around lately (youtube, the webinar last night by Dr. Agar) and when I saw your blog I had to check it out!

Anyway I signed the petition even though I am not in the USA because I figure this is something all of us who have been on Hemo Dialysis can have a voice on!

Thanks for posting about this!

Take care!