Holier than thou Radio Jockeys

Over the last few years, Hyderabad, as indeed many other cities in India has seen many Radio stations pop up. For many, many years, we had the good old Vividh Bharati with its standard fare. News, old Hindi film songs and staid Radio Jockeys (RJs). Heck, they didn't even call themselves Radio Jockeys!

Radio Jockeys sounds quite hep, right? How could Vividh Bharati have anything hep?

That has changed over the last few years. We now have a surfeit of radio stations. Radio City (I wonder who thought up their new tag line - Whatte fun?), Mirchi, Big, Rainbow FM etc. etc. Each station has its own set of RJs. In fact, some of them have become quite popular.

RJs are the life of the radio station. They are the ones who hold the show together. A good RJ can have you hooked. I was really fond of some of the RJs on Radio City until they went in for a makeover a few months back.

One problem I have with some of the RJs, however is the way they preach.

Just yesterday, I tuned in to a channel on the way to work in the morning. There was this lady anchoring a particular show. Suddenly she started off on a sermon. Wear your helmet while driving, don't talk on the cell phone, students study well for your exams, she went on and on. And her language wasn't that good either. It was as if she'd been instructed by her boss to do this mandatory 'social message' kind of thing. No genuineness at all.

I agree that radio is a good medium to spread such messages and serve maybe as reminders for things like avoiding using cell phones while driving. But please, do it in style. Not just ramble away. And do you really think students are going to study well after listening to your message on the radio? What were they doing listening to your show in the first place?


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