Ayurveda - what really works?

I have been having a bad case of hemorrhoids from more than a month. The docs tried a combination of different things, Nothing seemed to work. Everyone said, "Try this for another week, then we'll see."

Vinod then told me about an Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Dharmalingam from Chennai who was supposed to have a sure-shot cure for this. I decided to try this out. The doctor was consulted by Vinod and his friend Karim, the medicines were couriered to me. I started taking them. There was relief in about 5-6 days. Now, I am 90% better.

My experience with Ayurveda has been mixed over the years. I have taken some medicines for different conditions with no relief at all. Whereas this time it worked like a charm.

Ayurveda works really well provided you take it from a practitioner who is truly well-versed with it. There are a large number of quacks out there who have very superficial knowledge of the tenets and they go about prescribing medicines to everyone. These rarely work, in fact some of them have dangerous side effects and give a bad name to Ayurveda.

There are, however, a small number of highly knowledgeable and dedicated doctors who painstakingly do their homework, extensively study the stream of medicine and then carefully prescribe the right medicines. It is however very difficult to find these doctors.

This brings me to the question - how is the genuine Ayurveda so effective? Ayurveda and its medicines were documented thousands of years back. Ayurveda is a part of one of the four vedas. How did the author of the vedas know about these medicines? There were no 'double blind randomized controlled trials' back then!

How did they know that these medicines work? How did they know the dosage to be administered? There were no instruments to study the molecules.

These are baffling questions to which we have no 'scientific' answers!

At this point I am not really worried about these questions at all. Whatever works best is best!