Daily nocturnal home hemo on a roll

I just did my blood tests a couple of days back. My hemoglobin is at an all time high of 14.2. My platelet count is also normal and my WBC count is almost normal.

I had touched these kind of values around 6 months after starting daily nocturnal home hemo in 2006. However, around that time I had to start some really strong drugs for some reason. Due to the side effects of those drugs, my hemoglobin, WBC and platelets all plummeted. After about a year of this treatment, I stopped taking the drugs.

The blood counts did not bounce back for a long, long time.

But, now finally, they're back up. And this in spite of reducing my Erythropoetein, the injection that stimulates the production of blood.

Daily nocturnal home hemo really worked for me. I really don't care for any more proof like randomized controller trials etc.. This is proof enough for me that it works!