Karvat badalne se dard?

Digression: There are many words in Hindi and other Indian languages that do not have English equivalents! Take karvat badalna for instance. Turning to one side while sleeping kind-of sums it up but there is no exact word that is an equivalent.

I started off this post wanting to ask if the pain I've been experiencing at night in the cannulation site could be due to turning to the side my fistula is. The title in Hindi explains it exactly!

Main topic: I find that I need to turn to a side often when I sleep. I definitely cannot turn to the right because my fistula and consequently the needles are on the left. My left arm is also tied to my bed. This is to avoid too much movement of the arm that may result in a little oozing from the cannulation sites.

This leaves only the left side to turn. My fistula is on my upper left arm. So, when I turn to the left, there is pressure on this part of the arm. This might cause the needles to move about and scrape the sides of the vein and artery and probably the tissue around the area. This may be causing the pain.

So, last night I made a conscious effort not to turn at all. There was no pain. Now, I have had a few cases of things working one night and then not the next. So, I am not concluding that this is the solution until I try it out for a few nights in a row and it works.

The next step is to get used to not turning at all at night. It is going to be a heck of a lot difficult!