Please leave Aarogyasri alone

I read with horror this morning the statement of Chandrababu Naidu that he would replace the Rajiv Aarogyasri scheme with an alternative scheme called NTR Arogyapathakam if voted to power. That becomes my primary reason to not vote for him this election!

It is not for nothing that politics is called the last resort for scoundrels!

This is a classic example of the level to which our politicians have fallen. I was a huge fan of Naidu during his term as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The IT revolution he brought about changed the face of Hyderabad and put it firmly on the global IT map. He is now so desperate to get back to power that he is willing to stoop to any level to achieve this goal.

I don't want to detail the political steps he has taken like tying up with the TRS because that does really not bother me as much as the replacement of Aarogyasri.

What really is the need of replacing this scheme with another one? If you genuinely feel there are some gaps, address them. Tweak the rules a little bit. A large scale replacement of the scheme will cause a lot of misery to the real sufferers. A new scheme will mean new rules, new forms, new guidelines for hospitals. Utter confusion for a long, long time.

The Congress is not without blame either. Why call the scheme "Rajiv Aarogyasri"? Obviously when the opposition comes back to power they will cringe while implementing the scheme. And now Naidu is going to name his scheme after NTR!

Where is this going to end?