Sharps pain too!

Yesterday I tried sharp needles for the second night in a row - at a different site than the day before. There was pain a couple of hours into treatment. It was a little more stinging than the pain with blunts.

So much for mocking the 'ayatollahs of buttonholing'!

I am really at a loss as to what to do next!

I cannot even talk to docs here because no one knows anything much about buttonholes.

I have posted to the home dialysis forums. Let's hope someone there offers some suggestions. This is bothering me a lot as the next treatment is causing me jitters. Its due Monday night. I really hope I have some solution before that.

Life can be so treacherous at times. For a few months, everything goes fine. I hardly even think about my health and dialysis. It is just one of those things I have to do. Then suddenly, one day, phut! Things start happening. And then the next few months are so horrible, one thing after another. I can't focus on anything except my health. I'm going through one of those phases now. One thing after another.


preetik said…
Why don't you use a local anesthetic. There is spray called lidocaine {10%) in a 50 ml bottle.
All you have to do is spray on the spot and leavefor 2 min and then cannulate.