Strange symptoms

For the last couple of days I am having some really weird symptoms.

My BP has been unusually low. I generally have a slightly lower BP compared to others. My normal is around 100/60. For the past 2 days, however, my BP has been around 80/50 and once it recorded 80/40 too. To match this, I have been feeling giddy quite often. I am ok when I'm sitting or lying down. Then suddenly if I get up to answer the phone or the door, within a few seconds I feel very giddy - I almost black out! I have to hold on to something to prevent myself from falling down. I think this is called postural hypotension.

My appetite has also been a little different. I have breakfast at around 8 - 8:30. I am ALWAYS hungry by 11:30 - 12. I really need to snack on a couple of biscuits to sustain me till lunch which is around 1 p.m. For the last two days, however, I feel full till around 4 p.m.! Then I feel hungry and have lunch and feel hungry again by around 7 p.m. Really strange!

I told my tech about this. He suggested we check the electrolytes in my blood and also get a Liver Function Test done. So, I've drawn the blood and will be sending it over to the lab now. I also have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Girish Narayan, my nephrologist to make sense of this.