Its been a while since I posted. Three and a half days! I can't believe I did not post for a whole three and a half days. A record of sorts I guess!

Anyway, it is now clear that the pain was due to my tossing and turning while sleeping. I have been sleeping like a log (literally only not figuratively!) and there has been no pain in the night. I received some excellent information from Dr. John Agar (does anybody not know him, raise your hands!) and Debbie Brouwer from Renal solutions (thanks Rich Berkowitz for suggesting that I write to her).

Debbie made a comment when I sent her an email about the problem. "Wow - a buttonhole question from India". This means that the buttonhole method has not yet been adopted by too many people in India. This is a pity. But it is quite understandable because buttonholes have been mostly used by folks on daily dialysis which, by itself, is a rarity in India. I wonder if in the US and other places, do they use the buttonhole method for regular in-center hemo? Thanks Debbie for all the links and files about fistulas, buttonholing and cannulation!

The thing that takes the cake is Dr. John Agar taking the time to prepare a detailed powerpoint presentation with pictures and annotated diagrams explaining the possible problems and recommended solutions. I was really overwhelmed by his email. How can I thank him?