Ajmal Kasab on trial

It is six months since Ajmal Kasab, the lone terrorist captured alive during the 26/11 carnage at Mumbai was arrested. He is being tried in a special court in Mumbai. This morning I read in the newspaper about some light hearted banter between him and the special prosecutor, Ujwal Nikam.

It is really disturbing. The way the trial is proceeding, it almost looks like the trial of some petty thief or a regular murderer. After all the hullabaloo in the aftermath of the attacks, most people have forgotten all about it. Especially with the election and the IPL dramas that grabbed the collective attention of our nation.

What we are forgetting is that this was a direct attack on our country. This man was caught red-handed. He is on camera. There were hundreds of witnesses. Why do we need a regular trial? No, we are not a banana republic. So, we have a trial. But now that we have gone through the motions, let's get it over with.

Abbas Kazmi, Kasab's lawyer, in the name of doing his duty as a lawyer is taking his job a little too seriously. He is treating Kasab like an your run-of-the-mill criminal. Trying to prove that he is a minor and all. The Shiv Sena is unusually quiet. When Anjali Waghmare merely accepted that she would fight Kasab's case, they attacked her. Kazmi is doing things which are much more objectionable. This is the time they should really threaten him. Though I strongly condemn their methods, this is one time where I feel they could have done more!

What if a plane is hijacked and someone demands the release of Kasab? Or he escapes due to some security lapse? Who is going to responsible then? We have already had one bad experience with Maulana Masood Azhar and the Kandahar episode. The Indian government is extremely soft on terrorism. Afzal Guru remains alive till now. What is the delay in processing and rejecting his mercy petition?

The judge in the Kasab case must really act here. He should realize this is no ordinary trial. He should give the prosecution and the defense a day each to present their case and announce the verdict immediately. Only then will justice be served.


Unknown said…
This is not a case for a civilian court. It should have been conducted by a military court, since the episode did involve the use of the Navy and non civilian crack units.

Stupid bureaucrats are probably to blame for assigning this case to a system meant for civilians and ordinary criminals.
S said…
This reminds me of a talk show on NDTV. Those on the show were emminent people, some victims, some frens of people who were killed that day.
There was this lady who steadfastly held on to human rights and how kasab was a human as well and how he should be treated fairly and a minor at that. Also, being a minor how he could be brainwashed.... she just went on and on.

Dont understand how she thought he was a minor and he as human et al. Probably she thinks we are less human than Kasab. He can walk in and just shoot people to death.
Samy said…
What human rights are we talking about. When he killed people indiscriminately did he think of human rights. We have our hearts in the wrong places
Anonymous said…
i don't understand why people are so unaware of human rights and so hung up on hanging Kasab. We live in India the best democracy in the world. This is not Afghanistan where gun is the law. How do we ensure that our judiciary is fair and upto the mark, without having a fair trial system in place. Do you want Pakistan to hand Sarabjeet without a fair trial. Think about it your own child can be brainwashed to become a terrorist or could be falsely implicated in both cases you will need a fair trial. We are so eager to hang people that as if by doing that everything will be ok. Not true. India has to show an example to the world for being democratic, secular and a believer in human rights for the generations to come.
Anonymous said…
correction : i meant hang Sarabjeet and not hand Sarabjeet
Kamal D Shah said…
Dear Anonymous,

Your point about being an example to the world and respecting human rights is well taken. However, the problem is that our judicial system is agonizingly slow. Devious lawyers know how to twist the law to suit them and take advantage of the loopholes that exist.

The point I was trying to make was that here was a person who is guilty beyond all doubt. Maybe he was brainwashed. Does that render him innocent? Most terrorists are brainwashed. Are we going to excuse all their acts?

Ok, have a trial. But treat this case differently. Have a special court - maybe a military trial as Madras Hash has suggested. That way, these unnecessary delays can be avoided atleast.
Shayari said…
India is keeping KASAB as an proof of terrorism against Pakistan. Why a person who has killed people on name of jihad, is so highlighted. Treat him as an offender. He has become more popular than any VVIP. Govt. is taking much care of mass murderer than a comman man living under below Poverty Line. WHAT CAN I DO........I can just see and watch.381 theisuid