Devotional Sufi music

I had posted about my fascination for devotional sufi music a while back. I had listed a few songs there of which I was looking for digital versions.

I am glad to report that I was recently able to get all the songs I was looking for online! Goes to show how much music piracy is growing!

All these songs have a base in Islam and related teachings.

I am basically an atheist - in the sense that I do not believe in the concept of a single all-powerful, just and kind God. All these songs are however, based on this concept. They praise this God and ask him for divine blessings.

So, yes, there is a contradiction at some level.

But I really am lured to the concept of bhakti to an almighty. Though I do not believe that there exists an almighty that can give you anything or solve any of your problems, I like the concept of singing sings that ask for this, knowing fully well that none of this is going to really happen! It gives rise to a really good feeling within me and I do this just for that experience.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like your agnostic - not atheist