Facebook foibles

Recently, a cousin created a collage of the names of all his friends and relatives. A lot of effort probably went into it. He then put it up on Facebook and tagged all the people.

What happened after this is crazy.

Every time anyone commented on the photo, every single person (there were probably 20-25 people) got an email saying "XYZ commented on a photo of you". Gosh, there was a surfeit of emails for about a week on the subject.

In this process, I got to know a whole lot (not that I cared!) about all my cousin's friends including the fact that a certain Sohini preferred being called Payal!

This is something that they really need to fix.

People should be able to view comments only of people they are friends with. For example, let's say Aditya, my friend updates his status. Yes, definitely, I should be able to see that. But if Tom, who happens to be Aditya's friend and not mine, comments on the status, why should I be able to see that? Only Aditya and others who happen to be both Aditya's and Tom's friends should be able to see the comment. Right?

No, no, don't tell me there is a setting to do this. The default should be this way. Only if a person is on your friend's list should you be able to see anything posted by that person. And anyway, have you tried going to the settings page on Facebook? It is a warning not to mess with anything. There is this huge list. I could not figure out what exact options I needed to modify to be able to change anything.

The current default behavior psyches me out sometimes. When I comment on a friend's status/pic/whatever, there are potentially many unknown people who can read that.

Really, this must change.