The farce called secularism

I have been watching the political drama unfold on television every evening with horror. We are close to the denouement. No more are there any pretensions of ideology, no empty rhetoric, no tall claims of national interest. Everything is out in the open. It is all about numbers.

The Left will support the Congress 'to keep the BJP out'. What kind of a reason is that? Every party has only one agenda - to keep the BJP out. If that was the sole intention of going into the elections, why did these parties not fight the elections as a single alliance? The Congress clearly stated that they are going it alone in the polls. Now they have started talking to all parties (even at the possible expense of their current allies!). If this is not political opportunism, what is?

The BJP, in contrast, has fought the elections along with its allies under the banner of the NDA. Every constituent accepted L. K. Advani as its candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

The demands that are now being made for supporting a Congress-led government have reached ridiculous levels. The Samajwadi Party is the most unabashed of them all. Amar Singh, their pimp-in-chief can justify anything. The guy really has some gall. He can sleep with the Congress and the BJP without letting either of them know. He and his party are one of the most morally bankrupt group in the country today. They have no ideology, no morals, no ethics.

Coming back to the main point of today's post, I find the way political leasers abuse the word secularism really despicable. What is secularism? In our country, it has come to mean only one thing - anti-BJPism. Every party mouths the word to refer to keeping the BJP out.

They do it like they are doing some divine duty. As if God had entrusted the task of keeping the BJP out of power to them. Parties who were fighting like animals until a few days back are now apologizing to each other and willing to talk 'to keep the BJP out'. How can two parties who have fought each other so bitterly come together to form a government?

There can be only one solution to this mess. Only pre-poll alliances should be considered while inviting a party to form the government.


Thrinath J said…
Kamal!!I see another final solution which indeed is difficult for execution. India needs an autocrat like Hitler and dat dictatorship can only help india. As of now, INDIA doesn't deserve democracy.
PDS said…
The ONE and ONLY practical solution - Bi-party system.
Anonymous said…
Hey Kamal, how come you never mentioned our very famous illusionvati in this post dude. Would love to hear your thoughts on her. Really nice post.

Kamal D Shah said…
Mayawati is the nightmare of a lot of people. My brother used to say he would leave the country for good if she ever became PM. And mind you, that was entirely within the realm of possibility until the results came out. And this has absolutely nothing to do with caste or gender.

These results have changed a lot of things. We can all sleep easy now. The rogues in Indian politics have been taught a lesson they will do well to remember for a long, long time.
Kamal D Shah said…
And I am not referring to the BJP here. The BJP's loss is one of those things in politics. I am referring to elements like the Left, TRS, BSP, SP RJD etc.