How many times have you learned how to sing a song and wished there was a way you could have the background music playing while you sang it?

Vinayaditya, a friend of mine gave me the link to a site that provides just this service. He gave me this link a year or so back. I finally got down to buying a couple of songs to try them out. They are really good.

They have two kinds of services. One is an mp3 with the background score of the song you need. The other is actually a video that has the background score and a display of the lyrics as you should sing them. Really amazing.

I had actually tried just the mp3 version when Vinay gave me the link but that needs quite a bit of practice since you have to time yourself perfectly to not sound horribly out of pace! I just bought a couple of video versions just now and they are truly a treat!

So, all you budding singers - have a ball!


Anonymous said…
Hey Kamal, if you like the video versions, try meragana.com as well. The good thing about this site is that it has a monthly subscription, and for like 5 bucks a month you have unlimited access to all their songs. Good luck.