No sugar, thank you!

At my office, we have a really good coffee machine. This machine makes very good coffee, freshly brewed and of the strength desired. There are hardly 5-6 people in my office. So, we do not as yet need an automated machine. We have a person called Chander Rao, who happens to be my boss' Man Friday who is entrusted with the task of making everyone's coffee.

So, Chander Rao, quite religiously goes about the routine twice a day. Takes the right amount of coffee powder, puts the right amount of water and lets the machine do its bit for the right length of time. He has also managed to get the temperature of the milk and the amount of froth just right by using the built in heating plate and stirrer.

However, sugar turns out to be his Achilles' heel. He can never get it right. He puts just too much sugar! I have tried telling him but he just doesn't get it. And to make things worse, he doesn't mix the sugar well. As a result, the first few sips are all right. But as you make your way through the rest of the cup, the taste gets increasingly sweeter. And by the time you are having your last few sips, it is almost like having sugar syrup!

So, the choice before me was fairly simple - coffee with a sugar concentration gradient or no sugar at all. I chose the latter.


Anonymous said…
Just Hillarious!The poor guy thinks offering you his way of sugary tea