The roller coaster ride of life with CKD

Life with CKD can be full of ups and downs. For a while, everything seems all right. You feel good. Your energy levels are good. You haven't had too much trouble lately. And then suddenly, without warning, boom, something totally unexpected hits you right in the face.

One major problem with kidney disease is its effect on the rest of the body. Dialysis is bad enough to deal with. When your other organs start getting effected, things can become really difficult. You start getting effected by things which are big enough to handle on their own.

Even with daily nocturnal dialysis, these side effects of kidney disease can be quite overwhelming. Its almost as if God (or whatever) says, "Ok, now you've had enough of peace for a while. Take this, and this and this. Now, let's see how you handle this!"

I often wish kidney disease was the only thing I had to manage. Its not fair really. To saddle folks with kidney disease with all these other things. Is it not enough?


Emme Adams said…
I can totally relate to the overwhelming feeling of other stuff on top of the kidney disease. Right now, my concern is calcium deposit...and that's pretty fearful when I see how calcium has really wreaked havoc with other patients. *sigh* I guess we just have to do the best we can to assemble a team that can deal with our multiple issues...and hope for the best. take care and heart!