What was that again?

It was during the last days of engineering college. Results were announced. Everybody pretty much was clear about their future plans. We had all gathered in college to say our final goodbyes. We would probably not talk to or see many of these folks again. Or so we thought. There was no orkut or facebook in those days! Social networking sites have changed all that.

There was this trend of having something like a scrapbook that had pages for all your friends to fill in. Some were simple with just a few lines to scrawl a quick message. Some were more elaborate that had things like "Your dream for life" and "Idea of a great vacation". I had the second kind.

So, I went around meeting everyone and having them fill up my scrapbook and filling theirs in return.

There was a cute girl in my class. A lot of people were very much in awe of her. I took no particular fancy to her. But her group of friends and my group of friends were well, friends. Not too close but we got along well.

I took my book to her to fill. She filled it and returned it to me. I noted she had filled Mohd. Rafi for favorite singer. That happened to be my favorite singer too! Then there was a question, "Your idea of a best friend". In that she wrote, "Must be your types".

For a moment I was shocked! My types? What was this girl saying? It took a few minutes for me to realize that she meant "must be of the same wavelength as the individual"!!!

Some phrases take some getting used to!


Anonymous said…
dude I look forward to more of ouct days
B said…
Well, she could have still meant 'your types' being Kamal types since she was writing in your book.
ItZmyLife said…
Now I have to know who she is...DAMN !