Can 400 ml make such a difference?

A couple of days back, I decided to get over my obsession with fluids. What helped was that the antibiotic I was taking for my infection left a foul taste in my mouth. Due to this water tasted quite bad. Other food and drinks did not taste bad at all. It was only water.

So, day before yesterday, I put on only 2 kilograms between treatments which was a record of sorts! I was at 80 kg in the morning. By night I was only about 82 kg. I pulled off 2.5 liters of fluid during my night session of dialysis. I thought I could go to about 79.5 kg which I assumed was my dry weight.

The next morning when I checked my weight, it was 79.6 kg. Not bad, I thought.

For the first few hours everything was all right. However, after that I felt totally weak. I could not do anything. I felt like I was going to pass out. I was at work. I did feel better after I had lunch but not normal at all. I took off early, got home and slept for a while. But I did not feel normal even after waking up. Before my treatment, I had put on 3.4 liters because I had had a lot to drink due to the weakness.

This brings me to the need for having some mechanism other than weight to know the amount of fluid gain. The changes in dry weight can play havoc with the amount of fluid being removed. This happens rarely but it does happen.