Can I take the afternoon off?

I find myself asking this question quite often these days. And to my manager's credit, he has always agreed cheerfully. Ever since I joined this new company, I have been plagued with hemorrhoids which refuse to go away.

I have tried different therapies suggested by different doctors. Nothing seems to give me permanent relief. The most promising seemed the medicines prescribed by Dr. Dharmalingam, a practitioner of the Varma stream of Ayurveda. It almost got cured but unfortunately a month back, it recurred. I am trying his medicines again. So far, not much relief.

Coming back to my work, this problem has been an on and off thing. I have often gone to work taking a strong pain killer. Often it is a choice between taking the pain killer and working or not working at all. It is a tough decision. How often can you stay at home? How often can you take the pain killer?

The only pain killer that works for me is Myospaz Forte which has a load of Potassium which is bad for me. So, I cannot take it too often. During the first bout of this problem, I was taking this pain killer twice a day, every day for a long time. I really hope this has not caused any other problems.

So, I cannot take this drug every day and go to work.

I try to balance things out. Take an afternoon off once in a while, once in a while take the drug and go to work. Sometimes, just bear the pain. How long can this go on? I have no clue. And neither does anyone else. I am really at a loss.