Did you attend the asyw agm? Shit, I missed it too!

In fact a whole lot of people missed it. In fact just about 28 people attended. The 28 members.

Recently my Facebook home page was flooded with messages about the asyw agm. WTF was that I wondered? I first thought it was some auto show which the whole of Hyderabad was attending. Then I wondered why there would be an "AGM" for an auto show. I took the trouble of clicking on the asyw that was helpfully linked in the messages.

You know what it turned out to be? Agarwal Samaj Youth Wing. You have never heard of this? Come one, ASYM - Agarwal Samaj Youth Wing - the second most important institution in the world - after the UN. Like, everyone just had to know what it stood for. They had their Annual General body Meeting (AGM) recently. Billions of blue blistering barnacles! What a hue and cry! And how many members does it have? All of twenty eight! Why call a meeting of 28 people an AGM? Heck, our family get to-gethers have more people!

Well, I am just kidding. In all likelihood, the group in question probably does a lot for charity. Once a year, they probably have their fun in a five star hotel. Nothing wrong with that.

This goes to show however what Facebook can be. A few years back, one would have thought what was the use of anyone knowing what they were up to? For example, why would I be bothered if Akbar saw a sandwich called The Obama or if Rishit breathed a sigh of relief and it is Dot Net (ugh!)for Rajesh. And no I am not interested in which Simpson's character you are like or which color defines you. No, I couldn't care less about when you will find true love. The quizzes really get to me. And people take them like their life depended on it.

In spite of all this (or is it because of all this?), I check Facebook religiously thrice a day and many times on my phone in between. I am totally addicted to it!


I donno why i dont find FaceBook interesting. Infact i dont even have my account in face book, having orkut in the kit i dont think i need FaceBook or something else. I keep getting invitations from my friends to join their Facebook n/w or Yaari or zorpia or wat ever be the heck it is!!! I just ignore them!!
Nicky said…
You just received an award on my blog. Do check it out!
Anonymous said…
Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again - taking you feeds also, Thanks.