Home hemo coming to India!

Thiagaraj, the Chief Clinical Co-ordinator of Hemodialysis at Fresenius, India recently visited Hong Kong to train on home hemo administration and training.

They are planning to get more people onto home hemo in India. He has undergone training himself on doing this. He is going to train more technicians on the nuances of home hemo and enable them to train dialyzors who would like to do home hemo in India.

They are planning to arrange for the importing of buttonhole needles from Korea. They are also going to arrange for the other safety devices to be brought over. Thiagaraj is coming to Hyderabad in the first week of July to spend some time with me and fine tune the procedures I follow. He is soon going to start training others on this too.

This is no ordinary event.

This could see widespread adoption of home hemo in India. The number of young people on dialysis is steadily increasing. Most young people will hate regular in-center hemodialysis. Many do not like PD. They will want a modality that enables them to work and have a more fulfilling life. There cannot be a better answer to this than home hemo.

Juxtapose this with the fact that daily nocturnal home hemo actually costs almost the same as regular thrice a week in center hemo and you have a win-win situation for all. Only the initial setup cost is to be taken care of. If Fresenius can work out some kind of a loan scheme, maybe with the help of a bank, then that will literally open the floodgates.

Exciting times ahead!


None said…
This is wonderful news!

I have been going through your blog all day...I think I have read almost all posts till about 2 years ago and I surely understand how you must be feeling about this - given you have always wanted better life for all dialyzors.

I think it is not only an achievement of the country but also your personal achievement! Congratulations :D