Recently, if I have had a light breakfast, around mid-morning, I suddenly feel totally weak. As if I am about to faint. My head feels giddy. My feet start feeling numb. I also break into a sweat.

It has happened twice in the last week.

I need to eat something immediately. The symptoms gradually reduce on eating something. But I do not feel totally normal for about two hours after this even if I eat.

This is very similar to the symptoms I have heard diabetics describe when they say they are hypoglycemic.

I am not diabetic.

The problem is by the time I realize I am getting close to this, it is too late to do anything. I just need to quickly eat something to prevent collapsing and then wait for a couple of hours to feel normal again.

The key is to have a heavy breakfast and then keep eating small amounts every now and then. This is really difficult to do especially when you are working regular hours. As it is, my colleagues joke about my 'three-course-lunch' and my evening snack! I will probably need to add a morning snack too. They will now have a ball. Not that I care!