Rain drops keep falling on my head...

Yesterday, I had a really tough day at work. I had to go to this construction site where we are going to be installing our software. It was quite hot and there was no air conditioning. By evening I was totally drained. I got back home and was lying down, the air conditioning vents blowing cold air directly on my face.

Just then, the weather became stormy and it started to rain heavily. My dad was about to go to the gym at the club. He asked me, "Want to go for a swim?" For a moment, I hesitated. I was too tired. And I had gone swimming that morning too. He said, "You don't have to drive!" The thought of swimming in the heavy rain was too tempting. "I'm coming!"

I got ready in a jiffy and we left for the club. My dad dropped me near the swimming pool and went to the gym. I got half wet merely getting to the changing rooms. The rain was so heavy. I changed into my swimming trunks and jumped into the pool. At first I felt a little cold. I quickly swam a length. This did me good. The length was a little strenuous though because I had about 3 liters of excess fluid on me.

After that I just stayed put at one side of the pool taking in the atmosphere. The heavy rain pouring in to the pool, the twilight setting, the cool breeze, the warm water of the pool. For the next hour or so, I simply stood there doing nothing. The entire exhaustion of the day was washed away. I felt rejuvenated. Exhilarated.