We need our own Jay Leno

Jay Leno was funny. I often watched the Tonight Show on TV. He's left the show and has been replaced by Conan O'Brien. The first episode that I watched (not the first of O'Brien's) wasn't half as good as Leno's. But I guess it is too early to pass judgement.

I am an ardent follower of politics and I find humor involving politics quite funny. India has more than its fair share of jokers in the political circus!

Shekhar Suman did a fairly good job as our own desi Jay Leno a few years back. He imitated Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Laloo Yadav very well. Vajpayee himself had remarked that he found Suman's imitation of himself funny! The show itself was a complete rip-off of the American version. But it was good.

The level of political satire reflects the maturity of a nation. Until a few years back, we couldn't imagine making fun of politicians on television. Politicians were only prostrated before on dais. They were worshipped. Today, when you see people joking about the things that some politicians have done or Karan Thapar ripping them apart in interviews, you are not startled.

This is a good sign. Probably reflected well enough in the results of the elections where performance was rewarded without consideration for caste, religion or irrelevant jingoism. Well, almost!

Now that Shekhar Suman has lost the election (he contested from Patna Sahib against Shatrughan Sinha), maybe he should consider getting back to this! It will be interesting to watch his take on politics after being a part of it, briefly at least!