Dear Nicky

First of all, thanks for awarding me on your blog! I am so excited! Wow, the "Most Thoughtful Posts which also make the reader think award". Sounds quite good. I never realized my posts were thoughtful. I consider my blog to be very mundane, about the simple things in life. Swimming, idlis, dialysis etc.

Anyway, I am writing this to you to let you (and through the blog others) know how much I appreciate you and your blog. Girls like you are very hard to come across. Fearless, frank, WYSIWYG.

I have for the longest time appreciated girls who are of the traditional kind. Home makers, shy, not too ambitious. Well, yes, I know you are going to hate me for this. But, hang on, I have changed over time. No, seriously!

One complaint I have though - some readers of my blog have followed the links to your blog on your comments to my posts and have become fans of your blog. So much so, they are now more regular readers of your blog than mine!!

Thanks again Nicky for the award. It means a lot to me!

(P.S. Those who haven't read Nicky's blog, please do so. It is freakin' awesome. It is called BitchSena. Need I say more?)


Congrats kamal for the recognition u achieved!! I dont read your blogs for any reason, but i check out your blogspace for any additions every morning as religiously as i check my business mail box :)

When we were in Effigent, i took you word and started blogging. When i see some addition to your blogspace, i think to blog everything i feel n see but still the act goes unimplemented due to my laziness and also due to some inferior feel of "What others may think of it & what others think of me after reading this"!! This is a wrong feeling, i know but i need to overcome it!!
Nicky said…
Your posts are very different from mine. I think it would be close to impossible for our readership to like my shallow posts over yours :D

Talking about thoughtful posts, I love the way you make a person think over the small things in life. From idli to swimming.

I also love the way you can put your thoughts in short posts. I always end up writing essays. I get really long and sometimes horribly boring.

I dont think I can take your readers.My posts are very superficial and anyway, I never write as often. I am religious in checking your blog everyday. I have it in my blogroll and reader and I make it a point to see if you have any new posts.

I love your blog!
Kamal D Shah said…
I'm serious about that Nicky. I was told by some switchers themselves!
Akbar Pasha said…
Awesome news. I am so happy for ya. Now, I think you need to stop saying (or looking as) that you run mundane blog! You are a very thoughtful writer and I have enjoyed reading your blog as much as your other fans. Keep the idlis, swimming & other updates - coming.
bond said…
Your blog is Awesome Kamal, I am a big fan of ur blog. The best part is it makes me so involved into it that I am almost lost... :)

Congrats Kamal.

Keep Rocking!!!