I love you Prateeka!

Prateeka who?
The host (RJ) of Full2Bindaas.

What Full2Bindaas?
A show on 93.5 SFM.

What 93.5 SFM?
A radio station in Hyderabad.

When does it air?
Every evening 6 to 7 in the evening.

Why all the luv-shuv?
Well, she is really funny. In a different way. Very silly. Despite that, can make you laugh uncontrollably! She speaks in a mixture of Telugu, Hindi and English, plays Hindi and Telugu songs. Is famous for "cutting" people. Totally insulting them (in a funny way). Some people find it "faltu". It is meant to be. I like "faltu" stuff sometimes!

Every day, she chooses some question. People have to call in to a number and tell her the answer to the question. You can also SMS your answer to the question. She reads a few of the SMSes on the show too. Simple questions. For example, how would you spend Rs 10? Or on a rainy day, what would you really like to eat or drink and where? Who would you take with you to the moon? For the last question, she added, "Now don't say boyfriend/girlfriend!"

It is usually on on my way back from work. It is the perfect way to relax after a tiring day.

Keep going Prateeka!


PDS said…
I tuned out of FM the day Radio City become all Telugu. That to me was the end of a very small life of Radio. Long live Cds.
Anonymous said…
I never listen to radio generally! But it's a great coincidence that I have been listening to just one show out here from 8:30 AM PDT to 9:30 AM PDT (9 to 10 PM IST) as I prepare my lunch and breakfast! And that show is also hosted by Pratheeka :)! Except this one is all about just general time pass! (courtesy:radiovibes.net)

I accidentally came across this show a couple of weeks back as I was trying to pick a radio channel to feel at home, and I guess the best part for me is the natural local dialect that she uses (very rare to come across that in any form of Telugu media)!
Anonymous said…
Oops! Sorry, it's called voicevibes.net, I always keep mixing up that name! :)
PDS said…
Nice new color scheme Kamal ! Welcome change from the boring old one :D
Preitie said…
I have yet to tune in to a frequency long enough to figure out who's talking and what they're talking about...
I hear the 'Ullasanga Utsahanga' being such with such disdain...that the only thing they tempt me to do with unmatched Ullasam and Utsaham is to turn the damn thing off...!
Some of them like Chetan are sooo dumb! Seriously...they start off with American accent and by the end of the sentence they sound like they're from Cuddapah!
Gotta give Prateeka a try!
Arjun said…
PDS this is hyd, so you will hear only telugu songs. Telugu people on other states would feel the same as you are felling now. They also would swith off the radio when they hear hindi songs. Ha ha......
Unknown said…
Hey accidentally got a chance to go through your blog. It was too interesting. I wish I have more time to go through it. I just liked it. Keep blogging
Unknown said…
You know what even I am a very big fan of her. Now am not getting chance to listen to he show as I work for a European shift.