Mayawati's monument mania

Aren't statues of only dead people erected? Not any longer.

Mayawati has taken Indian politics to a new low by spending around Rs. 1,000 crores on building mammoth monuments that has statues of Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram and herself apart from hundreds of huge elephants, her party's symbol. This is really ridiculous. Never before in the country's history have we heard people erecting their own statues. When she got to know that the Supreme Court was going to hear a PIL regarding this, she advanced the inauguration of these monuments.

The court has given her four weeks to respond on this.

Mayawati's actions have been the most blatant example of self-aggrandizement we have seen in recent times. The levels of corruption in Uttar Pradesh, one of the poorest states in the country have risen dramatically. There are fixed rates for government contracts. Everyone knows about this. Nobody can do anything about it.

The self-proclaimed messiah of the dalits could have spent this money for their upliftment instead of pandering to her own ego. Imagine how much can be done with this money! Yet, despite all this, she continues to be regarded as the hope of the dalits by many.

These are instances where I feel the judiciary needs to act more strongly and proactively. There should be more stringent action and punishment. People like Mayawati need to be taught a lesson they will not forget. They need to told, in no uncertain terms, that they cannot take the country for a ride.


s said…
how do u put all those elephants to use??
any suggestions?
Preitie said…
Her 'fans' apparently gave her gifts worth 54crores or some obscene amount for her birthday! She's so uncouth and undeserving...actually I dont know who amonst all our politicians are remotely deserving!
Unknown said…
When 20 crore people reacted positively to her madness then what can we do?

Shall we go mad and yell at those 20 crore people of UP who let her become chief minister or the ones who is responsible for accepting decisions to erect these monuments.

Unless the sleepy Supreme court or President starts acting on such things, we can only witness what that maniac is doing.