What's happening in the Afzal Guru case?

So today Ajmal Kasab finally confessed. Let us see how the trial now proceeds. Hopefully, it should be brought to an early end.

This brings me to Afzal Guru. The Supreme Court pronounced him guilty in the attack on Parliament and upheld the death sentence that was announced earlier. He filed a mercy petition before the President who forwarded it to the Central Government. The last I heard about this was that the Central Government had sent it to the Delhi Government headed by Sheila Dixit for advice. This was several months back.

The Delhi Government was apparently too busy with elections to take a decision on the matter. That is a ridiculous excuse. But let us accept that reasoning for a moment. The elections are now completed. It should be business as usual by now. What is stopping the Government from taking a decision on the matter?

No less an authority than the Supreme Court found enough evidence of his involvement in the attack on the seat of democracy in this country - symbol of national pride and honor. What is there to decide?

Why did the petition have to be sent to the Delhi Government in the first place? Why is the Delhi Government taking so long to decide on what should be an open and shut issue?

Why is nobody raising these questions?


And i'm just thinking if Kasabs case too may take the same process.

No more trails should be led, no more evidences should be requested, no more bundles of reports are to be ordered for. No discussion abt whether he is still a minor or major or belongs to minority. Since he has confessed abt the crime, why do we need all these bull shit.

Before the heck human rights commission etc. etc. come to the front row, punished has to be judged and has to be executed.
Unknown said…
Its extremely important for intellegent, thinking people like Mr. Shah to form well informed opinions based on factual evidence. The inconsistencies in teh Afzal Guru case has been amply demonstrated, making the police and the intelligence agencies guilty of complicity and subterfuge! As responsible citizens, we owe it to ourselves and civil society to maintain our objectivity and a balanced perspective.

Monisha Singh