Come clean Advaniji

Three of the five members of the Cabinet Committee on Security of the Vajpayee government have now gone public with the fact that L K Advani was aware of Jaswant Singh's trip to Kandahar to release the terrorists in exchange for the passengers of the hijacked Indian Airlines plane.

The other two members are Vajpayee and Advani himself.

Was Advani really lying? What other explanation can you have for this? Surely, the Home Minister would have been aware of such a major decision. Why then did Advani feign ignorance before the elections? If people of the stature of Advani resort to such blatant lies to save their 'image', what can we expect from lesser mortals?

The BJP would still like us to believe that Advani was speaking the truth when he gave that interview to NDTV. What was it? A communication gap, perhaps? A temporary aural failure? A visit to the restroom when the decision was taken? What really, was it?

Advaniji, you owe us an explanation.


Anonymous said…
who gives a crap
Anonymous said…
kamal - will you change stance on BJP. Advaniji is not yet coming out.