The magic of yoga

A few years back, when I was on PD, I had an irritating pain in my left knee. I visited a couple of orthopedic doctors who asked me to get an X ray. On seeing the X ray they said there was no cure for this and I would have to bear the pain for the rest of my life. They asked me to take pain killers if the pain was too bad.

After a few weeks, I started yoga. Note that I did not start yoga to help with the pain. I just started it for general well-being. In fact, I did not even mention the pain to the yoga instructor. To my surprise, within a month of starting the yoga, the pain was gone!

I also would always get a bad cough and cold almost every couple of months. I had to avoid cold drinks totally. Within a couple of months of starting yoga, this problem disappeared too. I started drinking cold stuff, starting having ice cold water and nothing would happen.

There are no two ways about it in my mind. Yoga works like magic.

The only problem is - it takes effort. You have to spend that hour diligently every day. Its not as simple as taking a tablet.

These days, though I get good exercise in the form of swimming which I thoroughly enjoy, my body feels quite stiff. I know yoga will help me a lot. But I simply cannot devote an hour to this every day. This is the classic contradiction in our life today. We know something is good for us. Its just that we cannot (do not?) devote the time for it.


Srinivas said…
The yoga we need is mind-management yoga to get us to spend the right amount of time for the right things that matter in life! Then doing the yoga asanas will follow.