Yaari hai imaan mera, yaar meri zindagi

Today is Friendship Day! I have always been a little skeptical about all these "days". Father's Day, Mother's Day, Doctor's Day, Valentine Day and what have you. But Friendship Day is special. That's because I have always considered my friends to be my most valuable asset.

I have had, what you might call, quite a tumultuous life. Time and again I have turned to my friends for succor. There have been many times when I was down, depressed and sad. My friends have always come to my rescue, pulled me out of the morass and made me cheerful again. The best part is I did not even need to tell them that I needed this. I simply had to call them or meet up with them. That usually did the trick.

I connect to friends at a different level. I can talk to them about anything under the sun without being judged. That can be a huge relief. The human mind is inherently quite dark. To have someone who understands you and supports you in times of need is reassuring.

Thanks all of you for being there for me! I leave you with a classic from Bollywood that really portrays the epitome of friendship.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for everything.