Effigent and Grene: a study in contrasts

Its been about ten months in my new job at Grene. One thing I had requested my new employers at Grene while joining the company was that I did not want to take on any administrative responsibilities. I wanted to take on a purely technical role. They agreed.

Ten months on, when I look back, my role in Effigent was hugely different from my role in Grene. Here are the differences:

I mostly assigned tasks and reviewed them in Effigent. In Grene, I am assigned tasks and my work is reviewed.

Towards the first of every month, I would be nervous about the fallout of salaries not being paid on time among the employees of the company. These days, I am nervous if my salary is delayed purely from a personal perspective.

Days off would be in consultation with team-mates and considering any deadlines in the project. Very often, I would cancel my plans at the last moment. These days, I fill in a leave application well in advance so that there is no chance of a planned trip being spoilt.

I was often spoilt in Effigent by the office boys and other support staff. They would carry my bag for me and bring me hot tea or coffee whenever I wanted. Here, I am an ordinary employee. I have to request the support staff for things I need.

Friday evenings on a tough project would be tense and embarrassing because I had to ask (often very tactfully) my team members to work on Saturdays and often even Sundays. Friday evenings are tense and embarrassing here too. But because I am worried my manager might ask us to work through the weekends!

I got to see the other side of the fence. It has been a good experience.


SCDAFF said…
I wud like to add one more difference.

Earlier at Effigent you used to decide on whoz efforts should be recognized with employee of the month, but now you got recognized as "Rock start of the month". isn't it a gr8t feeling when some one appreciates/recognizes all the hardwork you have done.
Kamal D Shah said…
Yes Srinivas, that is correct! It is really nice to get appreciation for the hard work we do.
Nice to read your experiences Kamal. Hope you are enjoying your current role :)
Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks Shravan. Yes, I am. Coding has a thrill very unique, not to be found in managing at all.