From a software manager's secret diary

(An entry from the diary of a fictitious software project manager)

(To my Effigent colleagues: this is based on my experience at Grene)
(To my Grene colleagues: this is based on my experience at Effigent)

Today was a good day. Didn't have to do much. Been having a lot of such good days lately. That's the advantage of being a manager. You don't need to do much. Yet you get all the credit!

Som is shaping up really well. He knows what the hell is happening with all the teams. So, whenever I am in doubt or the VP asks me about the project, all I need to do is to check with Som and he fills me in on all the juice. Must remember to recommend him for a good raise. Must also remember not to promote him. He might just become too big for my project! Ha ha ha!

This morning I had a good time at the team meeting. I did what I love to do most. Give gyaan. I lectured all my team members on the importance of coming early to work. It must have sounded strange coming from me though! I told them that traffic would be less, about the benefits of starting early and then I told them the biggest lie of the day - if you finish your work, you can leave early! Heck, if they finish their task, I will give them one more task. Not allow them to leave. But the line sounded good, so I said it.

Today was Sukhi's birthday. Man, that was a heavy lunch. I actually managed to catch a nap at my desk in the afternoon. I pretended like I was reviewing code very deeply. I fell asleep after the first method itself. It didn't make any sense to me at all!


Kamal! If its from effigent, i can guess who the "Som" is! But, i didnt get the context of who these Mahesh & Girish are? I know you would not like to answer my question, but i have my own guesses :)
Kamal D Shah said…
This is totally fictitious Thrinath. Honestly!