The fuss over a '9'

Yesterday was supposed to be a numerological wonder - it was 09/09/09. Some people went overboard with this. Radio channels kept repeating this. It was a once in a millennium event, they said. Many people performed special 'poojas' around 09:09:09 a.m. too. That was probably the ultimate second of the millennium!

What is special about the number 9? I have no clue. After all, last year, the 8th of August had a similar once in a millennium thing about it. It also had a 08:08:08 a.m. There was no hype about it. Neither was there any on the 7th of July the year before last.

I know many people who will do anything to get a cell phone number or their vehicle number that has the sum of its digits as a '9 number'. One interesting thing about the '9 numbers' is any number that is divisible by 9 has the sum of its digits end up as 9.

Of course, not many people understand the significance of the number 9. They just believe it is lucky for them.

I'm going to play spoiler however. There was a big error in celebrating 09/09/09. After the Y2K fiasco, everyone uses 4 digit years. So, people, there was nothing special about 09/09/2009. Yes, you might start planning on how to celebrate 09/09/9999!