Planning life

Many of us get so caught up in our daily routine and work that we forget about what we want to achieve in life, about what we really want to do. Work can take the best hours of our waking day. This leaves us with little or no time to think about the big picture. Where do I want to go? What do I want to do?

We must think hard about what we want to achieve in our life over the next few years. Some kind of a long term plan. For people who have a family they are responsible for, the goals often involve the family too. For bachelors like me, it is purely personal.

How many of us are living our lives conscious of what we really want to do and making efforts towards that goal?

Once we are clear about what we want to achieve, we must make continuous efforts to achieve it. Every major decision of our lives must be made keeping in mind that eventual goal. We tend to lose sight of the goal and meander along in our lives, letting life take its own course. If we take proactive steps in achieving the goal, we really can get there. It can be easier than we imagined.

On the other hand, if we just get on with life without any planning, a few years down the line, we will wonder why we wasted all these years and that can be quite a disconcerting thought.