Trip to Vizag and Araku - 1

It is the time of year when the travel bug really gets to me. I just have to go somewhere. So, I quickly checked with my friends about doing a quick Vizag/Araku trip over the 2nd October long weekend. Everything fell into place pretty quickly. Kartik, A Srinivas, Murli, Laxman and I. There was, however, incessant rain in many parts of the state and all our families were concerned with us making the trip. We were undeterred.

We reached Vizag on the 2nd October morning. My first thoughts were, "What a beautiful place!" Vizag has hills on one side and the beach on the other. It had also been raining a little. This gave the whole place a fresh, clean kind of look which accentuated the whole experience.

After a sumptuous breakfast at the Dolphin Hotel, where we were staying, we headed out for the Yarada beach. I had heard so much about this beach. It was about an hour's drive from our hotel. You have to drive up a hill and then go down to the beach. The first glimpses of the beach from atop the hill were truly magical.

We took the entrance through a private resort to the beach. The beach was lovely. The water was cleaner than any beach I had seen in Goa. We quickly changed into our swimming gear and hi the water. The water was a little rough. Some of the waves tipped us over!

We then went over to the left side of the beach where there were rocks jutting out into the sea. We sat on the rocks for a while feeling the powerful waves lashing at us. One wave was so strong that it displaced me from my seat.

We showered and then started back for our hotel after grabbing a bite at the resort restaurant. Back at the hotel, a couple of us decided to hit the pool - no, we had not had our share of water for the day!

The next morning we left for Araku.