Bone pain

For about a month now, I have been having pain in my bones - mainly in my ribs, my back and my feet. When I sit for a little while and then get up, my walking is a little painful. The pain is not unbearable but it is uncomfortable.

I have had a high PTH for a few months now and have been on cinacalcet. We're still trying to arrive at a 'correct' dose. My PTH is around 640 now. I have also had a low Phosphorus since I've started nocturnal.

I saw my neph a couple of days back and he suspects that the Vitamin D levels are off. I used to take Alpha D3 capsules before I got onto nocturnal. The plan is for me to get a Vitamin D supplement if the level is low.

I posted this problem on the Home dialysis central forums and the 'I hate dialysis' forums. There are others who have had a similar problem and Vit D supplements did help. Maybe I should start off on it right away. But then the blood test might show a wrong value. So, I will wait till the test is done.

In one of the responses to my question, I was told that people on nocturnal should not take cinacalcet. Or so the responder had heard at a conference a while back. I am trying to look this up on the internet. I have not heard of this before. And neither have my treating docs.


madhava said…
try out calcitriol capsules.
(Brand name : Rolsical)
It will help in PTH related conditions.
Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks Madhava. I had tried calcitriol but it did not help. That's why we switched to cinacalcet.
raj said…
I accidentally came across this blog..which is very helpful for people like me who donot know anything about anatomy and medicines...well the point is i am also feeling bone and muscle pains in my legs, back and neck .A feeling of numbness and heavyness is also there. I did check my vitamin d levels which are very very low..did take an injection as a suplliment which i was told should reduce these symptoms by a general doctor..but even after 6 months there is still no change in my situation...even went to ortho but no use..did electrolite test which seems to be fine think i should visit a nephro or a nurologist...i dont even know the difference between the two..please advise
Kamal D Shah said…
Hello Raj,

I don't think one injection would help. Usually a course is prescribed. A GP should be able to help with this. You don't need a nephrologist or a neurologist for now, IMHO.

Did you check your Vit D level after the injection?

Please check it again and then go back to the GP and ask him.

Vit D deficiency is becoming like an epidemic these days. Also try to spend more time in the sun - the best natural source of Vit D. Go for a walk, try sitting where there's sunlight etc.

Take care, my friend!