Hemodialysis starting kit - shortage all around

Ever since I have started home hemo, I have been using a small little sterilized kit that has a small plastic tray, six cotton balls, 6 gauze pieces, a paper towel and a sheet to place the cannulated arm. This was very convenient because you did not need to sterilize these things manually. These were available from a couple of suppliers.

To start with, I was using the dressing packs I had left from my days on Peritoneal dialysis. Subsequently I started procuring the special hemo kits. I used to get them from Universal Biomedics in Chennai. Subsequently, however, I found another supplier based in Vijaywada. For the last couple of months there has been a shortage of these kits.

I now have only about 5-6 left. I use one per day. I have tried Universal Biomedics and they have stopped dealing with these kits. The Vijaywada supplier also claims helplessness.

Anyone who might have any idea about where these kits might be available, please leave a comment or send me an email. I shall really be thankful.


Unknown said…
Call Vindhya to get some thru her hospital contacts. If you fail in Hyd, then I will check in Madras. You do not seem to have too much stock left, so we could courier you a few from whichever city we are in, if it is a critical situation.
Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks a ton Vinod! I have however arranged for a few Peritoneal dialysis kits which should be ok too. I hope to get the hemo kits in a few days.