2009 - a roundup

2009 has been a mixed year for me. The year started on a painful note with hemorrhoids that I got towards the end of last year. I tried everything - from regular medicines to Ayurvedic medicines from Chennai. The hemorrhoids looked like they had settled down but within a few days, the pain had restarted. After going back and forth between the urologist (prostatitis?) and the general surgeon (abscess / fistula / something else?), I finally underwent surgery for a fistulectomy which got rid of the pain.

The next few months were bliss. Until October. I developed bone pain at that time. My PTH was also high since May. It was treated using Cinacalcet. It is now normal. My Vit D levels are however low. So, I am on Calcitriol for this. The bone pain is quite bad now. It is the most troubling problem for me at this time.

The transplant question popped up from time to time. So did the question of marriage. Both are so similar. So difficult to decide either way. I swayed from one side to the other again and again. Ruled them out at one point, was totally in favor at another point. I have been able to finally decide on only one of them until now. Hopefully, 2010 should see a decision on the other.

My work has been quite rewarding both intellectually and financially. I got into Mac OS X (Cocoa) and iPhone development. I built my first iPhone app from scratch and it is now on Apple's App Store! The app was quite a fun app to do. The fact that I did it entirely on my own has made me really happy. The job at Grene is very different from my job at Effigent. Here I am a full time programmer. In my previous job I hardly got to do any programming. Programming gives you a high that management simply does not offer. I guess I have written a lot about this. So, I will not repeat this here.

On the friends front, Chetan and Pavithra came down in the beginning of the year and were here for a while. I would have liked to spend some more time with them but I understand that the arrival of a son, Tejas does add some responsibilities to parents and there is no denying that their son is the highest priority in their life right now! Yogita also visited India with her daughter Niharika. Dinesh could not come. Many of my school friends are visiting India right now and I got a chance to meet many of them - some after about 17 years!

I always enjoy the company of my friends thoroughly. The few hours spent with them transport me to another world. In October, I did a trip to Vizag and Araku with my friends. I really had a blast!

All in all, like most other years, 2009 was a mixed bag. Here's wishing you a great 2010!


B said…
What is the iphone app that you wrote?
Kamal D Shah said…
nMedia - available only in India though and you need some additional hardware which our company provides.