Debilitating bone pain

My bone pain is getting worse. It is a big problem. I find it difficult to walk down a flight of steps. There is too much pain in my feet. I have to walk down like an old man - step by step - planting both my feet on each step. I feel crappy.

I did all the relevant blood tests. Its been a month since I started rocaltrol to treat the Vitamin D deficiency thought to be the cause of my bone pain. The PTH is normal now but the bone pain has become worse. The neph feels it could be due to the low phosphorus. It is only 1.1 post dialysis. The normal level is 2.5 to 4.5. I have started adding a phosphate additive to the dialysate to try and reduce the amount of phosphorus being removed from my blood during dialysis.

I was also asked to get some X rays to see the status of my bones. I am going today to get these done.


IGA Nephropathy said…
Hi Kamal,

May be I do not recollect from your earlier posts...but is this bone pain or could it be muscle pain? Lot of folks experience Gout and was wondering if that was ruled out.
Shan Chelliah said…
Hi Kamal,

Not sure if this helps. My 84-yr old mum was complaining of fatigue and similiar pains in her feet and calves. She was prescribed Vit B Complex (1 tab twice a day) - it seems to have fixed the problem.

BTW, I have been on Vit B Complex ever since i started dialysis.

Hope this helps .....
Kamal D Shah said…
@Bhanu It is clearly bone pain. I can feel it.

@Shan I am taking Vit B IV twice a week and also one capsule every day. So, its not B complex deficiency. I really wonder what it is. Thanks, anyway!