Is this the way such important decisions should be taken?

While I am not going to argue about whether the decision to form a separate state is right or wrong, I strongly feel that the sequence of events that led to the decision to form a separate state left a lot to be desired.

Forming a separate state is not a small decision. To take such a decision under pressure of the failing health of a man who is nothing but a selfish thug who has shown no signs of morality and dedication to anything is wrong. If anything, this decision should have been taken without any pressure from anyone.

I do not think the protestors from Osmania University and other places did anything wrong. They believed in a cause. They fought for it. It is for the government of the day to deal with the situation. It should not be forced into anything it does not believe is good for the people, the state and the country at large.

Some people might argue that the decision is right and eventually, it was the pressure that forced the government to act. Pressure is not the reason a government should act. If the reasons behind forming a state were genuine, this should have been done long back, not because of the pressure.

To what extent is the government going to go now? What about Hyderabad? Is it going to become a Union Territory? Joint capital of both states? What about demands for other states? Is a fast and agitations by university students the formula for getting a new state? Every demand for a new state has justifications. There are many regions in the country that have ben neglected. How is the government going to handle these demands?


Anonymous said…
Decision not made yet, Long way to go. Political drama yet to unfold
Anonymous said…
Someone yesterday reminded everyone that this is not a new state, it's a state that actually existed between 1948 and 1956! So, you are going back to that situation, and nothing more than that.

There are no questions about Hyderabad, and there is absolutely no reason to worry about how the new state administration will be. Look at who is asking for a UT status - people like Danam and Mukesh Goud! Do you even know what kind of people they are? So, what's their interest - real estate! No, not that they are scared prices will drop, just that they won't be able to bully people the way they have been doing!

Is it just normal pressure? I guess 'pressure' is a really mild word to be used here. You might not be aware, but in many places around the region Congress cadre just couldn't handle it from the common people, it was not just KCR or the students at OU - these were only two of the visual proponents, especially since most of the national media only covered them! Do you know that in some villages Congressmen faced social boycott from various sections - the worst being people at a graveyard refused to allow last rights for a pro Congress person! But this is what a movement is all about, and such things cannot be imbibed overnight into anyone. Even if anyone wants to use such tactics in the future, it is not possible to take it to this level in a planned way by just any other entity!

I am not a KCR supporter in general, but I guess it is not fair to keep calling him a thug - I prefer KCR to Jagan any day, and even you would at the end of a day! Also, I don't mind telling you now, on how I am blaming Jagan - we got calls from certain friends belonging to a particular place in Kadapa that they know about 200 thugs from their village who were being taken to Hyderabad for today's rally! Other things, that KVP is Chief Security Adviser and that the Home Minister's orders were overridden by him is already known to many people - especially on regional channels it was more than evident, with reports of Home Minister threatening to quit for not being able to have any control over her officers.
Kamal D Shah said…
KCR is representative of all this is wrong with our politics today. Unscrupulous, unethical, greedy, power-hungry and a huge dramatist.

Does Jagan's thuggery justify KCR's thuggery? By no means. It is not a question of choosing one over the other. Both are bad. Many others are too. They are all cancers that are plaguing our society today.
I agree on that.I believe bigger states form a stronger nation. Just as mentioned somewhere, what happened to Jharkand & Chattisgarh. They are carved out parts of Uttarpradesh which had huge influence in the indias economy and politics is now nothing.
More over Telangana State(if finally formed) doesn't have reservoirs, crops, natural resources(except the singareni coal mines)..nothing. Then how could is survive. Again it has to come to Andhra Pradesh(or some other state) to purchase all the commodities getting loans from Center or world bank.

Coming to Hyderabad, it has been developed with lot of effort and investments from through out all the state and it cant be ones baap ka jhaayajaad at the end of the day. It is ought to be a Union Territory or a common capital as Chandigarh is for both Haryana and Chandigarh.
Anonymous said…
Well, all the existing drainage system of Hyderabad still depends on the infrastructure developed by Nizam, even today! Except for Krishna water, all the other water resources were also set up by the Nizam! Most of the key government infrastructure (including the State Assembly, the High Court, Govt. Hospitals) were all already existing prior to 1956. On the other hand, land sharks, selfish politicians (from all regions including T) have been building great pressure on the existing infrastructure by expanding the city in a very unplanned way! To that extent, Hyderabad was used, and only in that process developed by the existing state. In fact, you can refer to a TIME magazine issue of 1940s where in Hyderabad is referred to as one of the richest cities in the world!

So, quit making unnecessary statements!
Anonymous said…
@Kamal - We can keep arguing about KCR, but really, this is not his achievement alone, the movement was taken over by students and then joined in by many other organizations!
Kamal D Shah said…
@Kartik: Just my point. But who is going to benefit the most - the new 'First Family of Telangana'. Just wait and watch.
Anonymous said…
@Kamal - So, do you think we are only being ruled by very sincere people now? :) Why single them out? Just look at how almost 50+ MLAs have already resigned in trying to stop this - until yesterday they said they will stick to their party high-command's decision!
Kamal D Shah said…
No, not at all, the honest, sincere, dedicated politician is a breed that is extremely difficult (impossible?) to find. But that does not mean we should stop criticizing them. Whenever we find someone doing something wrong, we will criticize them. Its just that in the current context, KCR's misdeeds are glaring.
SCDAFF said…
I saw this post in the morning, but didn't expect this much of discussion. If possible i wud like to know anwsers for the below.

1) I agree students took over this from KCR, but how far was it correct to attack common ppl's properties and disturbing their daily routines.

Now u can argue that it was not the students who has done the damage. but our gr8t news channels (they are more worried abt covering news instead of stopping a person who is setting him self ablaze trying to commit suicide in frnt of everyone) have captured all the destruction. can't we figure who did all these?

2)I wud like to know how telangana will get developed, if turned in to seperate state, who is going to develop?

3)Just now i was watching a news channel, where in a 12 yr old girl who participated in couple of singing competitions was addressing students at OU. THey called it as Vijayotsava sabha. Ppl have brainwashed or filled that girl's brain with so much of hatred against ppl belonging from other parts of our state that he was singing these lines which meant,

"We allowed ppl who came to sell their pickles and now they say entire telangana belngs to them".

Now things like these are going to create more tensions with in the people. how far is it appropriate to allow pppl t pass on such comments?

4) what abt ppl from other parts of state staying here from years and years? can they feel secure if ppl pass cmments as i mentioned in the 3rd point.
Anonymous said…

1) I agree that it is really wrong to have attacked any property.

2) Well, let's give it a chance! It did well, and in fact had more surplus funds than Andhra until 1956 - Besides, it is more or less clear that it did not work the way it is now!

3) Sowing the seeds of hatred isn't in anyone's interests anywhere! But you will come across people like that every now and then, at times may be because of what they went through.

4) Since centuries there have been several people from different parts of the country living in Hyderabad. In fact the dialect of Telugu used here has several words from Urdu and Marathi, and same with the Urdu here! I don't see any reason for that to change. You are a Hyderabadi once you settle here :)
Kamal D Shah said…
All this IF Telangana happens.

I just heard Rosaiah say that the resolution would be introduced in the assembly only if there is a consensus among all MLAs. Now where have I heard that before?

Someone should probably tell KCR this so that he can resume his fast again.

Jokes apart, this is becoming a cruel joke on the people.
Anonymous said…
Wow, lots of action on this thread. Folks, picture this:

Our famous multiplexes of hyderabad would now feature "red" movies of our great star Narayana murthy, with the audiences humming "EE NELA MANADI RAA..", "ERRA JENDA ERRA JENDA EENIYALO".

JAI HO to the arse sucker KCR, the next CM of the region. Who is next? Narayana Murthy - the uplifter??


Kamal, you may not get this, but i am sure your other telugu readers will.

Pavan Guduru said…
Kamal i guess your trying to increase the hit rate by blogging on controversies

Take it easy :) too much heat already i guess
Pavan Guduru said…

Kamal this video might inspire you to write another post

See even im trying to contribute to your blogs now....Keep going

As always Kamal Shah's FAN
How much money do you expect a rich person to have now?? & How much money do you expect a rich person in 1940's to have?? The riches once upon a time in 1950's just adds up to a historical value to the city. Using those historical structures for the high court, hospitals or wat ever doesnt mean like the govt. is not in a position to build more elegant and huge structures. Usage of the historical strucutures for public utilities is nothing in hyderabad when compared to Mumbai. Mumbai has more gr8 and solid structures which are being used for the same said public purposes. The once victoria palace is being used as a railway terminal named VT(Victoria Terminal) and now called CST(Chathrapathi Shivaji Terminal).
Kamal D Shah said…
Appreciate it Pavan, thanks! And no, I seriously did not blog about this to increase my blog hits! Its just something I felt strongly about.

And just for the record, the blog hits around the time these posts appeared were NOT higher than the average otherwise!

Your fan first,
Can anyone guess - when Telangana & Rayalaseema are fighting for separate states, why Andhra is fighting for United Andhra?