Rudy learns the ropes at Ferndale

Yesterday, we played Taboo again. Nisha and Rudy (Anirudh) had come down from Hong Kong and all of us got together to play the game. We had played last in April and I had described Rudy's reaction to our generally boisterous demeanor - 'What a family!', he had said.

Yesterday, things were a tad quieter thanks chiefly due to the absence of the younger siblings - Karan and Aditi. But Prasan, Nisha and I quickly made up for the lack of noise.

The interesting thing was Rudy, who last time was extremely accommodating and 'fair' actually started showing shades of the Fernes gene. Months of staying with Nisha has actually begun to bear fruit. His voice was louder than last time. He was more aggressive than last time. And some of us were quite shocked to see that he was actually fighting over a point! Unheard of until now!

So, Rudy is finally learning how to deal with the family. He has probably realized that being soft spoken doesn't get you anywhere. You have to be equally rough and shout as loud to have even a remote chance of getting heard in all the din. Welcome to Ferndale, Rudy!


Anonymous said…
Just saw this Kamal bro...Rudy's sure learning the ropes....