The T tangle - what's the way out?

We have the state on boil again. What is the way out? The government's flip-flops along with the flip-flops of the political parties are literally causing the state to burn. In my humble opinion, (which I realize does not count for too much!) this is a way out:

1. Start the process of forming a separate Telangana state immediately. It is not true that a resolution is required to be passed in the state assembly. Please correct me if I am wrong. The centre can do this independently. The cause is genuine. There is no doubt in my mind about this. Please read this (albeit patiently!) to understand the history behind this demand. The people of the region have a genuine grievance and it must be addressed. Hyderabad must be the capital of the Telangana state while Vijaywada or Visakhapatnam can be made the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

2. Put the state under president's rule for a while. This is important because the government under Rosaiah has failed miserably in performing its most important duty - that of maintaining law and order. It is also an open secret that K V P Ramchandra Rao is the one who wields the baton in the home ministry. There are a number of vested interests in the government who are acting against the interests of the people. To bring back the state to normalcy, it is important that there is a neutral government.

3. Bring in the army to ensure peace. The moment you announce that you forming the state, the Andhra region will erupt (stage managed, if you will). This must be quelled forcefully and decisively. No nonsense must be brooked. The government of India must send a stern message to all that the nation cannot be held to ransom by a bunch of hoodlums. What is the problem for the people of the Andhra region to concede a Telangana? What do they have to lose?

4. TRS must cease to exist. I don't say this. They themselves have promised (apparently) that they will merge with the Congress once the state is formed. It will be dangerous to have KCR and his ilk running the state of Telangana. They will loot and plunder its resources like never before and this will sour the dream of the people of the region.

5. Form the 2nd SRC. The moment you announce a Telangana, umpteen other demands will be raised. All those must be examined. The center must constitute the committee to look at these demands in a time-bound manner and the center must refrain from knee-jerk reactions like in the Telangana issue.

I understand that things are not as simple as this. But I feel this might offer a way out of the mess that we have got ourselves into. Mulling on this issue for many days, I have realized that there cannot be a united state for too long. The situation is worsening every day and some decisive action must be taken soon. Some of this might not be palatable to some. This cannot be helped. In a country like ours, you cannot please everyone all the time.

I write this as a neutral person - neither from Andhra nor from Telangana. I write this as a silent spectator who yearns for normalcy in the city he has lived in all his life.


Anonymous said…
Bravo Kamal,

I strongly feel this is the only way to solve long standing problems like this. Unfortunate part is, if this was possible, the whole issue wouldn't have existed. Let's see how it goes; but two thumbs up for your proposal.


- Kumar
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B said…
Obviously people will pick and choose part of the "package" that you presented.

I will not say further on this topic over here out of respect for you. Its a big mess !
All the points said can be accepted except the Hyderabad as the capital of Telangana. Why should hyderabad be made capital of telangana? Just b'coz geogrophically its located there in it? Hyderabad is developed with one and all efforts from ppl and politicians of all the regions. It should belong to everyone or none. And there comes answer for you question "What is the problem for the people of the Andhra region to concede a Telangana? What do they have to lose?". Since the state cant remain as ONE(for long time) after all this hulla happened, hyderabad neither can belong to everyone nor none. Just carving it out as Union Territory cud be a possible solution.
SCDAFF said…
1) First of all dividing in to 2 states is not possible. Either it shud be one or it shud be 3(Telangana, Rayalaseema n Andhra). This is bcoz Rayalaseema ppl are not going to agree if state is divided in to 2 as they have sacrified their lands for srisailam dam and have agree to shift the capital of ap from kurnool to hyd.

2)After deciding the above, we shud also decide abt few other things like, sanctioning enough funds to new states so that they can develop the infrastructure in the to-be capital cities (Kurnool for R). This is very imp atleast in the case of R state, as we all have witnessed what happened to kurnool bcoz of the recent floods.

The state shud b divided only after sanctioning the funds (I dont know how much is needed) and ensure that every body is happy. And after all these, plz do not expect any friendship n gud relations between the new states that are going to be formed. We are going to see more fights between the newly formed states for water etc..,

Also, KCR/TRS/PPl who want telangana shud take the responsibility of safety of every citizen frm other places, living in hyd. They should not act as if they are doing a favour by allowing ppl from other parts of AP to stay here. Although they are saying that they dont have any issues with ppl frm other parts of AP staying over here, i bet that they are going to torture these ppl once the T state is formed. We are going to see more violence...

Ppl supporting seperation, plz b ready to take the criticisms and .. from me, if anything is going to happen to ppl from other parts of AP :)
B said…
I thought Kurnool was in Telengana ???
Butchi Prasad said…
kindly read this article about division of states

Breaking is easy, joining is difficult. As we dont have another Sardar Vallabhai Patel