Used a new site, used a sharp, slept well after a long time!

Yesterday I had written about the severe pain I had during dialysis that night and that I had to close the session early. I was worried the whole day about cannulation. I decided to abandon the buttonhole sites I have been using for my arterial site and use sharps to cannulate on a fresh site. I dumped in a whole lot of lignocaine and used a sharp. Cannulation was fine. The real test would be after about 15 minutes when the effect of the lignocaine would wear off.

There was very mild pain for a while. Too mild to keep me from sleeping! I drifted into a really peaceful sleep.

Beep, beep, beep, beep....

I awoke only in the morning to the sound of the machine signaling the end of treatment! After a long time, I slept till the end of the treatment. For the last many days, I would invariably wake up an hour or so before the treatment was scheduled to end, my arterial site paining, sore from the needle, waiting in frustration for the minutes to pass by. Not so today.

I feel so good. Rested. Pain free. Cheerful!


Miriam LB said…
I'm so glad that the new site worked and gave you relief and much needed sleep.

Best wishes for no pain and good ZZZZZZ's -