Vijaya Diagnostics - too good!

I recently had to get my Vit D levels tested (I had got the 1,25 levels tested a few weeks back, this time it was the 25 levels - more about this in another post). I was asked to get it done in Vijaya Diagnostics. Now that's a name I had heard a lot in the past few years. I would always be told - get this test done either in Vijaya Diagnostics or something like Apollo or Yashoda. I would typically choose something like Apollo or Yashoda for no particular reason.

This time, I wasn't given a choice. I was asked to get it done in Vijaya Diagnostics. I knew their main branch was somewhere near the Skyline Cinema. But I had this feeling that they had a branch close to my office. I had probably chanced upon their board or something. I did a quick Google maps search and sure enough, found a branch about half a kilometer from my office. I called them and asked them if they did the test. They said they did.

I went over to the branch. It was a nice, new premises. Without much ado, I paid the bill and gave my blood sample. I then enquired about when the report would be ready. They said it would be ready after 8 p.m. that day. I asked if I could get it around 6 because I leave my office at that time. They said it would not be ready until 8 because the report had to come from their main branch. I then told them I would collect it the following morning in that case.

Then came the biggest surprise.

They said I could check it online. Online, I asked, half in disbelief?

They showed me the id and password on the bill they had given me some time back and said I could go to their website and check my report online in the evening.

I was so impressed!

That evening I checked my Vit D level online. The website was great. Easy to use. No fuss. Within a minute I had my value with me! (It turned out to be normal, by the way.)


None said…
Wow! Thats new!!

It is really nice to see consumer convenience being given due importance.

Congrats on the normal levels btw :D

Keep rocking
B said…
Great to hear. I always hoped that all my labs will be available online etc. (I hear that kidney patients in UK have such a website where all the info is available). Well, I hope the actual pathology work is as good. Sometimes I a bit concerned about these when there is no standardized accreditation process
SCDAFF said…
Good 2 hear that the vitamin level is normal now.
Dear Kamal,
I posted your experience at
Sneha Diagnostics is one of the pioneers bringing reports via secured online and /or personal email to patients living in remote corners of India.